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XAB Toolkit version 0.20

I would like to announce version 0.20 of the XAB Toolkit. XAB version 0.20 is a major upgrade to the software and it will automate a large amount of software development in an Ajax database front end. In tests yesterday I was able to create an interface to a database in about 15 minutes with no coding.

Included in version 0.20
* Ability to have multiple detail forms
* Ability to have Foreign key fields shown as a menu or a form or both
* Ability to add, delete or change the order of fields.
* Automatic creation of page navigation
* Smarter including of Javascript code
* Expanding textarea boxes.
* A menu editor

Also a large number of smaller features and bug fixes.

You can Download XAB from the Ajax Wiki

XAB requires PHP version 5.0x and MySQL version 4.1. It also requires Mozilla or Firefox to use.

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